Are You Ready To Wrap Your Boat?

One of the best things about living in the Chattanooga area is that water sports and activities for some are year round. At S&T Signs we love that dedication to your hobby and we understand how important it is to stand out from the crowd.

One of the best ways to ensure you boat has that unique look is through a custom boat wrap at S&T Signs of Chattanooga. Whether it be something as simple as your license number in your favorite font or a complete custom designed wrap, we’ve got a solution for you! While it would be nice to be able to repaint your boat or yacht every couple of years, for many people that is not an option. A custom boat wrap is a cost effective way to solve this problem, and in many cases a wrap will give you more custom options for your money than a paint job ever could. We use high quality materials that will stand up for years against the wear and tear, and best of all a wrap can even preserve your original paint! We can wrap any size boat or yacht, and have a wide range of material options to choose from.

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How A Vehicle Wrap Can Boost Your Business

As much as we would like to do your next vehicle wrap project for you we would like to offer a guide in making an educated choice if vehicle wrapping is the right choice for you or your company.

Studies support that a vehicle wrap can generate 30,000 to 70,000 views per day. That is at the least 400,000 impressions per year! This is of course dependent on the amount the vehicle is driven and where you park your vehicle for maximum exposure. Mobile advertising becomes increasingly valuable for companies that put vehicles on the road frequently like buses, delivery trucks or delivery vans.

You do not have to share your space with any other advertiser making your message more memorable per impression. You also do not have to jockey for ad visibility nor vie for “prime” advertising position with other advertisers.

Due to the unique nature of this medium partnered with “eye catching” designs , marketing studies have supported that vehicle wrap impressions are actually read and remembered better than any other form of advertising only bested by television advertising.

Vehicle Wraps printed with quality inks on quality cast vinyl and protected by a cast laminate typically last up to five years, allowing you to get the most out for your marketing investment. This ensures that your ad space retains its vibrant colors and finish to promote your company or your brand for years.

Using quality materials has its benefits as the manufacturers like 3M actually have a 5 year warranty on its materials used for vehicle wrapping.

A vinyl wrap can actually help preserve a vehicle’s finish thereby inherently preserving also the resale value.

A professional installer can cleanly remove a wrap and eliminate all traces of the installation. If you need to make changes to an existing wrap, the installer only needs to replace individual panels.

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