Chattanooga Perforated Window Graphics

Perferated Window Graphics are like tinted windows, constructed of perforated materials that allow one-way vision. The heavy hi-tech perforated vinyl film is durable and long-lasting for use on any smooth glass surface. It is also known as “perforated window films”, a vinyl window film made with small holes throughout it so you can see through the material.

Light plays an important role in how this material looks when applied.  When used on a window, only the graphic will be seen from the side with more light and from the darker side of the window, you can still see through the window with ease.  So when the custom decal is applied to the back window of a vehicle, you can see out of the rear window easily, but people looking in from the outside see the printed graphic on the vinyl.

At S&T Signs of Chattanoga, we offer indoor and outdoor perforated vinyl’s, a 6-mil perforated window vinyl with a clear removable adhesive and a 50/50 (general use 50% removed area and 50% retained) perforation pattern with 1.5 mm holes. If you want more clarity from the inside viewing we recommend the 70/30 (general use 70% removed area and 30% retained perforated pattern). Please note, if vinyl was to be place outdoor with direct sunlight, highly recommend lam