Chattanooga Lighted Signs

Lighted signs are a great way of attracted customers and of portraying messages. Lighted signs come in a variety of types, including neon, fluorescent and LED signs. The signs can either spell out words informing guests of information such as the open or closed status or they can be formed into pictures to give all customers who speak any language an idea of what is served at your establishment. There are also different ways of presenting these messages, such as non-blinking signs or flashy blinking ones.

When deciding upon a lighted sign, consider your customer base and restaurant type. If you serve ethnic food, a sign in English may take away from the overall authentic atmosphere. On the other hand, a sign declaring a message in Spanish would be very fitting in a Mexican restaurant. Usually, lighted signs are reserved for bars, to-go establishments and diners rather than high-end restaurants. Consider what type of image you would like your eatery to have; if a casual, welcoming feel is what you are going for, these signs could be a great way to bring in more business.